Time Flies

“Time flies,” said my mum as she threw the alarm clock out of the window.

“Mum!” I shouted. I jumped up and ran after the clock but I couldn’t get it. It was just too fast.

All day long I was chasing Time, but I couldn’t catch it. I was always behind. I missed the bus. I was late for school. I was late for registration. I was late for every lesson. When I got to the lunchroom, all the food had been eaten. When I ran into the playground, the bell rang for the end of play. Time flew and I plodded along in its wake.

There weren’t enough minutes in the day, it seemed, for me to do what I had to do.

“Time stands still for no man,” said my English Teacher when I complained that I hadn’t had enough time to complete my comprehension test.

“No, Time flies,” I sighed.

“Or, as the Ancient Romans would have put it, tempus fugit,” said my English teacher.

Oh no, I thought, it’s bad enough time flying in English, without it flying in Latin as well!

I wanted Time to slow down and rest its busy hands for a while. I wanted Time to be my friend. But Time ran away, it sped like an arrow. Time was my enemy And all because my mum threw the alarm clock out of the window. It wasn’t fair

Who said Time flies when you’re having fun?

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