Young Adult Fiction


By Alan Durant 2007

Robert decides to investigate the murder of his parents. The secrets he uncovers lead him to danger…


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Flesh and Bones

By Alan Durant 2008

Foul deeds. Murder. The Black Arts.


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A Short Stay in Purgatory

By Alan Durant 1997

These 12 stories of teenage trauma range from heavy drama to surreal comedy. They feature characters such as a secret admirer full of jealousy and desire, and topics such as anxiety about pregnancy, contemplation of life after school, and mixed feelings about an impending first night of passion.


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Publish or Die

By Alan Durant 1998

After her first week working at Prairie Books, Calico thinks she should be getting paid danger money. Exploding packages, menacing letters, arson. But it’s the black-enveloped letters from Nemesis that really scare her. What if “Publish or Die” is a real threat?


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