School Visit

Mum, an orphan visited us at school today.

An orphan?

Yes, mum, you know a man that writes books.

Oh, an author. That sounds nice.

Yes it was. But James Smith was silly and pinched Jasmine
on the bottom and I had to tell Miss Harris.

What did Miss Harris say?

She said, “Not now, Naomi, you’re interrupting the story.”
“Sorry,” I said. Everyone was looking at me.
“May I continue now?” said the orphan.
“Yes, of course,” I said. “Please do.”

What was the story about?

It was about Noah’s shark.

I didn’t know that Noah had a shark.

Yeah, he did. He only had one though, cause this shark ate the other one.
And then it ate the dodos too.
And now they stink.

They stink?

Yeah, there aren’t any more dodos left.

Ah, they’re extinct.

Yeah they are. And then Thomas was sick on the floor.
Right in front of the orphan. It was disgusting.

What did the author say?

He said that that he hoped it wasn’t his story that made Thomas sick.
And Phillip said, “I can see bits of carrot and sweetcorn.”
And Miss Harris said, “I don’t think
We want to hear that, Phillip.”
And then she put some sand on the sick.
And then the orphan said, “Does anyone want to ask me any questions?”
And, mum, guess what? I was the first one to put my hand up.

Well done, Naomi. What did you ask?

I said, “May I be excused please?”