Picture Books

Quill Soup

Illustrated by Dale Blankenaar

Noko the porcupine has travelled far and wide. He’s tired and very hungry, but no one in the village will share their food. But Noko has a plan…

“An engaging variation on the traditional tale of Stone Soup… Remarkable.” Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times

Winner of a White Raven


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Illustrated by Simon Rickerty

Bickerton Picture Book Award Winner! A twisty-turny, fun-filled story about a boy’s adventures (and misadventures) as he wanders through the jungle and in and out of all sorts of perilous situations!


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Burger Boy

Illustrated by Mei Matsuoka

Benny hates vegetables and loves burgers.  “You’ll turn into a burger one day,” his mum warns. And one day, Benny does!

Winner of the Portsmouth Children’s Book Award


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Always and Forever

Illustrated by Debi Gliori

Fox, Hare, Otter and Mole are a happy family. But one sad day Fox dies… How will the others cope with their grief? An important book for helping children (and adults) with the loss of a loved one.

Shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal


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Billy Monster’s Daymare

Illustrated by Ross Collins

Billy Monster is scared … of children! They keep giving him daymares. Can Daddy Monster find a way to sooth away his fears?

Winner of the Royal Mail Scottish Children’s Book Award and the Portsmouth Children’s Book Award


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Angus Rides the Goods Train

Illustrated by Chris Riddell

The goods train has milk, honey, rice and water. But why won’t the driver stop to help those in need – and what can Angus do about it.


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Daddy, I Can’t Sleep

Illustrated by Judi Abbot

Little Panda can’t sleep. He’s scared of the noises in the dark forest outside his cave. But Daddy Panda knows just what to do to soothe his fears.


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Football Fever

Illustrated by Kate Leake

William has caught FOOTBALL FEVER! William’s sister wonders if he’ll ever recover! But then one day Dad takes them both to the local football club – with surprising results!

Winner of the Stockport Children’s Book Award


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A Dinosaur Called Tiny

Illustrated by Jo Simpson

When Tiny, the dinosaur, hatches out of his egg no one can believe their eyes – he is so small! The other young dinosaurs tease him and won’t let him join in their games. But what Tiny lacks in size, he more than makes up for in spirit!


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I Love You, Little Monkey

Illustrated by Katharine McEwen

Little Monkey is bored – and so he starts being naughty. Big Monkey is cross and Little Monkey ends up in tears. But although Big Monkey doesn’t always like Little Monkey’s behaviour, one thing is clear: Big Monkey never stops loving Little Monkey.


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Hoppy Ever After!

Illustrated by Sue Mason

Froggy is so hoppy he wants to share the feeling with the whole wide world. But the birds shout “Hop it!” and the bees tell him to buzz off. And as for the fox… Will Froggy ever find anyone to share his hoppiness?


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Mouse Party

Illustrated by Sue Heap

A cat with a mat, a hen with a pen, a giraffe with a bath are just s few of the guests at Mouse’s house-warming party. But they’re about to get a huge surprise!


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One Pig Went For a Drive

Illustrated by Tor Freeman

Harry Pig is driving into town in his shiny blue motorcar, but it keeps on breaking down. Crash Bash! Bing Bang! Clanga-langa-clunk! – Harry’s car is beyond repair. Now how will he get home?


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Big Bad Bunny

Illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees

Here comes Big Bad Bunny. He’s coming to get your money. No one’s safe while he’s around!


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Flying South

Illustrated by Kath Lucas

Bird is wet. Bird is fed up. So Bird flies south to find the sun. Hail, snow and wind batter her, but still she flies on and on. At last Bird finds the sun! But will she find happiness?


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Abby the Acrobat

Illustrated by Amy Bradley

Abby’s family are all cat burglars, but Abby wants to be an acrocat and one night she sees her opportunity.


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Ha Ha Hyena

Illustrated by Dynamo

Hyena’s always laughing at the other animals and calling them rude names, so one day they decide to teach him a lesson.


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Frank N. Stine’s Robot

Illustrated by Dynamo

Frank’s a shy boy and doesn’t have any friends – so one day he decides to make one, with surprising results.


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Illustrated by Rory Walker

Greedylocks can’t resist stealing the three bears’ food, but she gets a nasty surprise in this fun retelling of the popular fairy-tale.


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Humpty Dumpty’s Great Fall (Nursery Crimes)

Illustrated by Leah-Ellen Heming

Humpty Dumpty is a big bad egg – and now he’s been scrambled! Did he fall or was he pushed? Read this Nursery Crime book and find out!


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Little Bo-Peep’s Missing Sheep (Nursery Crimes)

Illustrated by Leah-Ellen Heming

Little Bo-Peep’s sheep are missing? Did they escape or were they sheepknapped? Read this Nursery Crime book and find out!


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Little Miss Muffet’s Big Scare (Nursery Crimes)

Illustrated by Leah-Ellen Heming

Little Miss Muffet has disappeared. But how did the town folk manage to get rid of the troublesome child? Read this Nursery Crime book and find out!


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Old Mother Hubbard’s Stolen Bone (Nursery Crimes)

Illustrated by Leah-Ellen Heming

A dog’s bone has gone missing from Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. Who took it? And where might they have hidden it? Read this Nursery Crime book and find out!


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The Flamingo Who Forgot

Illustrated by Franco Rivolli

Why is the flamingo standing on one leg? She’s sure it’s to remember something – but what? A variety of animals offer up their suggestions, but none of them seem quite right – until she gets a surprise she’ll never forget!


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